Strategic Orientation and Partnerships


Meeting the needs and expectations of those who would benefit from an engineering degree is a priority for the University of French West Indies (Universtié des Antilles, UA). The UA conducted extensive research in what prospective engineering students were looking for and what potential employers needed before embarking upon the creation of its engineering degree program. For example, a market study was conducted at the request of Région Guadeloupe by the consulting firm Katalyse to verify the program’s relevance and to map out the companies that would be interested in hiring engineers in the three French overseas departments of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guiana. The UA engineering program plays an important role in


  • providing a source of highly trained engineers for local companies;
  • providing a boost to the local and regional economies;
  • providing solid training, locally based, and focused on strategically important themes for application in and development of our territories;
  • positioning the French overseas territories as a bridgehead for new technologies in energy and materials science in the Caribbean;
  • establishing economic and scientific links with our geographical environment.


Our engineers are trained to analyze technological solutions for managing resources sustainably that are suitable for specific economies, while taking into account product life cycles and the impact of production processes on the environment.


Our engineering degree program draws upon broad support, especially upon the solid commitment of Région Guadeloupe and a network of partner companies.


To date, partner companies have included: AER, ADEME, Albioma Caraïbes, AME, AMPI, Biométal, Blandin, Bologne, BRGM, Capès, Caraïbes Industrie, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Guadeloupe, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Martinique, EcoDEC, ECTP, EDF, FRBT PG, Gardel, GBH, Global Caribbean Fiber, Groupe Loret, ICM, MPI, Sara, Sunzil, Symeg, Synergîle, Syvade, Ciment Lafarge and others.


This partnership extends to the business-education committee, which includes institutions and private sector companies: ADEME, AME, AMPI, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Guadeloupe, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Martinique, EDF Guadeloupe, GBH, SYMEG, SYVADE.


The business-education committee continually evaluates the relevance of the program’s courses and helps guide changes to the curriculum to meet the needs of local industry.


We also have the goal of developing links between our territories and the Americas and the Caribbean. This has led to partnerships with other engineering institutions, such as L’Universidad Autónoma De Yucatán (Mexico), Universidad del Caribe (Mexico), Université d’Etat d’Haïti, Université de Quisqueya (Haiti), University of the West Indies (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados). Institutional agreements not only ensure that students can transfer freely between institutions, but they also provide for exchange of pedagogical strategies.




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