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Predictive spatio-temporal model for spatially sparse global solar radiation data

M André, S Dabo-Niang, T Soubdhan, H Ould-Baba Energy 111, 599-608
T Soubdhan, J Ndong, H Ould-Baba, MT Do
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On the use of the coefficient of variation to measure spatial and temporal correlation of global solar radiation

R Calif, T Soubdhan
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A study on the minimum duration of training data to provide a high accuracy forecast for PV generation between two different climatic zones MT Do, T Soubdhan, B Robyns, Renewable Energy 85, 959-964

Statistical parameters as a means to a priori assess the accuracy of solar forecasting models

C Voyant, T Soubdhan, P Lauret, M David, M Muselli, Energy 90, 671-679

Architecture et Bâtiments Durables en Caraïbe et AmazonieVP T. Soubdhan, Rencontre de l'Urbanisme et du Bâtiment Durable

A benchmarking of machine learning techniques for solar radiation forecasting in an insular context

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Spatial-temporal forecasting of solar radiation (vol 75, pg 607, 2015), J Boland, T Soubdhan, Renewable Energy 81, 952-952

Corrigendum to “Spatial-temporal forecasting of solar radiation”[Renew Energy 75 (2015) 607–616]

J Boland, T Soubdhan, Renewable Energy, 952


T Soubdhan, C Voyant, P Lauret
The Third Southern African Solar Energy Conference (SASEC2015)

2015Time dependent classification of solar radiation sequences using best information criterion

T Soubdhan, M Abadi, R Emilion
Energy Procedia 57, 1309-1316

32014Intermittency study of high frequency global solar radiation sequences under a tropical climate

R Calif, FG Schmitt, Y Huang, T Soubdhan
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92013Multiscaling statistics of high frequency global solar radiation data in the Guadeloupean Archipelago

R Calif, FG Schmitt, Y Huang, T Soubdhan
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 1, 1683

2013Heat transfer in buildings: application to air solar heating and Trombe wall design

H Boyer, F Miranville, D Bigot, S Guichard, I Idriss, A Jean, AH Fakra, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1212.5260

12012Classification of wind speed distributions using a mixture of Dirichlet distributions

R Calif, R Emilion, T Soubdhan
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192011Prevision of typical solar days for PV production using Hidden Markov model

RE T. Soubdhan
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22011Heat Transfer in Buildings: Application to Solar Air Collector and Trombe Wall Design

H Boyer, AH Fakra, AP Jean, D Bigot, D Calogine, F Miranville, I Ingar, ...
INTECH Open Access Publisher

2011Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Solar Radiation Measured at two Sites in Guadeloupe

TSR Calif
International Conference on Solar Heating, Coling and Building

2010Stochastic differential equation for modeling global solar radiation sequences

T Soubdhan, R Emilion
Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference: Modelling ...

12010Classification of daily solar radiation distributions using a mixture of Dirichlet distributions

T Soubdhan, R Emilion, R Calif
Solar energy 83 (7), 1056-1063

532009Wind speed classification using Dirichlet mixtures

R Calif, R Emilion, T Soubdhan, R Blonbou
arXiv preprint arXiv:0810.4422

2008Étude expérimentale des conditions d'apparition d'écoulements inverses en sortie d'un thermosiphon en convection naturelle d'air

F Dupont, T Soubdhan, R Blonbou, R Calif, JL Tuhault, F Penot

22008Wind speed Multifractal analysis using wavelet transform

TS M. Abadi, R. Calif, S. Régis
Signal Recognition Letters

2008Singularity detection in Solar Radiation Signal using wavelet transform

S Regis, T Soubdhan, R Calif, M Abadi, R Blonbou
Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2007. IEEE, 1-5

12007Etude expérimentale de la convection naturelle en canal vertical chauffé à flux constant: Influence de l’angle d’inclinaison

F Dupont, T Soubdhan, R Blonbou, JL Tuhault, F Penot, T Soubdhans
SFT 2007 France

42007Experimental evaluation of insulation material in roofing system under tropical climate

T Soubdhan, T Feuillard, F Bade
solar energy 79 (3), 311-320

592005Characterization of Different Roof Insulation Material Under Tropical Climate

JLB 10. T. Soubdhan
World Renewable Energy Congress

2005Wind speed PDF classification using Dirichlet mixtures

Université des Antilles et de la

42005Preliminary study of one minute solar radiation measurements under tropical climate

T Soubdhan, T Feuillard
ISES Solar World Congress, Orlando, Florida, August 6-12, 2005

62005Protection solaire des batiments en climat tropical humide: etude experimentale de l'isolation en toiture

T Soubdhan

2003Use of BESTEST procedure to improve a building thermal simulation program

T Soubdhan, TA Mara, H Boyer, A Younes
World Renewable Energy Congress, Vol.5, ISSN 0960-1481, 1800-1803

12*2000Use of Bestest Procedure to Improve A Building Thermal Simulation Program-Chapter 376

T Soubdhan, TA Mara, H Boyer, A Younes
Elsevier Ltd

Variability of global sunshine in Guadeloupe

M André, T Soubdhan, JL Bernard

Variabilité du flux solaire en Guadeloupe: Etude comparée en deux points géographiques.


Experimental Performance of Different Roof Insulation Materials in Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

T Soubdhan, PH Nguyen, JC Gatina


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